2 Reasons To Secure An Auto Loan Before Going To The Dealership

Unless you are able to pay cash, you will most likely need to secure financing to purchase a vehicle. While most buyers apply for credit at the actual dealership once they find a vehicle they want to buy, securing a loan beforehand can offer a few benefits. From working with your personal bank to applying for a loan with a company that specializes in auto or personal loans only, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few benefits of securing a loan before you go to the dealership.

Better Rates—Potentially

If you have had a relationship with a specific bank for a good amount of time, you may want to apply for an auto loan through them.

Because of your long-term relationship, your personal bank may be able to offer you better rates than the dealer. Lower rates will help you pay for your vehicle by making more affordable monthly payments. Of course, an approval will lower rates will all depend on your credit history and if you and your personal bank have a good-standing relationship.

Also, if you have credit card or other loans with different banks, these financial institutions may offer you a deal, as well. The key is to shop around to find which lender will provide you with the best deal on the actual auto loan.

Improved Negotiations at Dealership

By securing a loan before you arrive at the dealership, the salesmen will see that you are not only ready and willing to purchase the vehicle, but also financially capable of doing so. Having a preapproval letter from the bank will show the sales professionals you are ready to buy, which may increase their desire to negotiate more on the actual purchase price of the vehicle.

In addition to being more inclined to negotiate on the purchase price, the preapproval letter from your bank may help the dealership find an even better rate for you. Today, most vehicle manufacturers offer promotions for approved financing, which will help you finance the vehicle at an even lower rate than what your personal bank offers.

The preapproval will help you finance the vehicle with the best rate from your bank while purchasing the vehicle at the best price from the dealership. This ensures you are making a great investment on the purchase of your vehicle.

Financing your vehicle can be a great decision, but proper understanding is helpful. Before you visit the dealership, contact your bank to learn more about auto loan financing specials.