The Basics Of Bail Bonds To Know When You Need To Bail Someone Out

Bailing a person out of jail is a process that friends and family often use when a loved one is behind bars after an arrest. When you have been through this before, you will likely understand the process, but the process can be confusing for a person who has never gone through the bail process before. If this is something new for you, here are some of the basics you should know about bail bonds:

Bail money releases the person from jail but not from the charges

Bail money is something that you can pay to get a person released from jail but paying the money does not get the person released from the charges. The charges he or she is facing will still be there after getting bailed out of jail, and the person will have to face the charges. The good news is that if the person faces the charges and does all the things the court tells him or her to do, the court will release the bail back to the person who paid and signed the documents for it. The court is responsible for holding on to this money during this time and can keep it if the person does not follow through with the requirements.

You can pay the bail in several ways

There are a variety of ways to pay bail, and any of the ways will result in the release of the person who is in jail. The first method is by coming up with cash yourself or with the help of this person's friends and relatives. If you can come up with the stated bail and can pay it for your friend, the jail must release him or her.

The other option is by hiring a company to take out a loan to pay the bail, and the type of company you would hire for this is a bail bond company. This company would pay the bail, and you would pay a fee for the loan.

The person bailed out has responsibilities

If you decide to use a bail bondman, you must understand that the person being released will have responsibilities and requirements, and he or she must complete these. If you need help getting your friend or relative out of jail, the best option you can turn to is a bail bond agency. To begin the process or learn more, talk to a bail bondsman like First Choice Bail Bonds.