3 Questions About Bail And Bail Bonds That Everyone Should Know

While you never hope to need to be released from jail on bail, when it does happen it will be completely unexpected with no way to prepare. You won't exactly be able to grab your smartphone and start researching what to do. That is why everyone should know the following things about bail and bail bonds

How Is Your Bail Amount Determined?

It is common for a judge to set bail on an individual basis for every defendant. The bail is typically decided on due to a variety of factors, such as the nature of the crime that the defendant is accused of, the defendant's potential flight risk if they are released from jail and if they seem to be a danger to the community. Being a high risk can result in bail being set higher than normal, which will require more cash or a bail bond in order to get released from jail. 

What Conditions Are Set On Receiving A Bail Bond?

Requesting a bail bond can be the best way to get the money needed for early release from jail. However, they do have conditions that must be met to receive a bail bond. The main one is having to return to court on your court date, which is a requirement of the court and therefore the bail bond agent. However, the bail bond agent may also impose other restrictions. For example, you may be required to retain employment so that you have an attachment to the community, you may be restricted in how much you can travel, or be required to check in with the bail bond agent to prove that you have not skipped town.

What Happens To Your Bail Money If You Don't Return For Your Court Date?

If you do not return back to course on the agreed-upon date as part of your bail conditions, you will be considered a fugitive with a warrant out for your arrest. If you used a bail bond, they have the right to use a bounty hunter to track you down and force you to return to jail so that you will attend your new court date. Your bail money will be forfeited to the court, and the bail bond provider will lose the money that they provided for your early release from jail. Any collateral that was used to receive the bail bond will be lost, and the bail bond agency will go after the person that requested the bail bond for the remaining money that is owed.