Doing What You Need To Do To Get A Friend Out Of Jail

When a friend finds themselves in a bad situation, you are likely going to be there for them just as they would be for you. When that bad situation is being in jail, however, you might be temporarily worried about making the right moves. Read on for an easy-to-follow guide to getting a friend released from jail.

Why Get Them Out?

Jail is meant to be a holding area for those who are awaiting court or other hearings. However, jail is a bad place to wait for anything. Your friend may be experiencing bad food, dangerous inmates, dirty conditions, lack of proper medical care, and more. The court date may be months away for many inmates and that is why bail exists. As a friend or family member, it is probably up to you to arrange for bail so that they can be released to await their court dates from home. That way, they won't lose their job, get behind in school, and miss time with their families.

Choose a Bail Bonding Agency

You have two choices once your friend is offered bail. You can pay the entire bail sum, which is often thousands of dollars, or you can arrange with a bail bonding agency to get the same thing done at a fraction of the cost. Bail bonds cost a percentage of the full bail amount and can be arranged by contacting a local bail bonding company near the jail. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Get more information. If you are unsure of your friend's location, charges, or the amount of bail, phone city and county facilities in the area to get more information.
  2. Phone a bail bonding company (you can do so 24/7) and provide them with what you know about your friend's situation.
  3. The bail bonding agent will get back to you as soon as possible. With the information you provide, they can tell you how much the bail bond will cost. For example, if your friend is being charged bail of $5,000 and the bail bonding agency charges a premium or fee of 15%, you only need to come up with $750 for the bail bond.
  4. Ask the bonding agent to provide directions and parking information. Many bail agencies are in downtown areas but most of them provide parking for customers.
  5. Learn more about the forms of payments the bonding agency accepts. Some only accept cash or money orders, but many will accept checks and credit cards.
  6. Once you sign some papers and pay the bonding agent, you can pick up your friend and go back to the bail agency for them to sign some paperwork.

It's as easy as that. Speak to a 24-hour bail bond service near you to find out more.