Avoiding Common Bail Bond Mistakes

If you've been arrested and opted to secure a bail bond for the first time, the entire process can feel foreign and intimidating. If you don't really understand what to expect, you can inadvertently make mistakes that might cost you that bond release and land you back in jail. It's in your best interest to understand some of the most common mistakes that people make after getting released on a bond so that you can potentially avoid them.

Don't Quit Your Job

Some jobs will automatically terminate you if you're arrested on any criminal charge because of their integrity or ethics policies. That is unavoidable and should be addressed directly with your bail bondsman if it happens. However, it's important that you don't voluntarily quit your job while you're out on bail. Doing so, especially if you have held stable employment for a long time, can make it appear as though you are cutting ties and becoming a flight risk. Not to mention, many bond releases include sustaining employment as a condition of the release. As a result, the court might revoke your bond and put you back in jail until your trial if you choose to quit your job.

Understand Your Bondsman's Requirements

When you secure your release with a bail bond, you become accountable to that bondsman until your trial is over. They commit to the court that you will appear, and they pay the financial obligation for that assurance. Part of the accountability includes specific bond requirements that you must follow from the bondsman themselves. This typically includes routine check-ins, some in-person meetings, drug testing, and other requirements. Take time to review the bondsman's contract so that you know what is expected of you while you await your trial.

Avoid Troublesome Acquaintances

One thing many people don't realize is that a frequent condition of bail bond release is that you do not associate with any known criminals, especially those connected to the charges that you're facing. If your typical social circle includes individuals like this, it's time to reconsider your associations while you're out on bail.

These are some of the most important things to know if you're out on a bail bond while you await trial. Avoid these common mistakes to reduce the risk of ending up back in jail while you wait for your court date. The more attentive you are to the expectations of your bond release, the easier it is to ensure proper behaviors. 

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