Questions To Answer As A First-Time Home Buyer

Doing anything for the first time can leave you with questions and some confusion, including buying your first home. When you prepare for this event, you might have a lot of questions, and you can learn the answers by asking a mortgage lender or real estate agent. Here are some questions you might want to find the answers to if you are a first-time home buyer. What Credit Score Do You Need? Read More 

3 Reasons You May Want To Consider A Section 184 Loan Over A Traditional Mortgage

If you are not familiar with Section 184 home loans, this type of HUD loan is designed specifically for members of the Native American and Native Alaskan tribes and their families. Assuming you belong to one of these native populations, there are many reasons you should consider the use of a Section 184 loan over a more traditional mortgage loan such as an FHA or conventional loan. Continue reading to learn more about three of these reasons. Read More 

5 Ways to Make Daily Use Credit Cards Work for You

A daily use credit card can be a great way to protect yourself from identity theft and loss, gain additional insurance coverage, and monitor your spending. But can your daily use credit card also help your credit score while boosting your finances? The answer is yes, and here are a few simple tips to remember.  1. Don't Carry a Balance. Keep in mind that you don't need to carry a balance on any credit card in order for it to help your credit score. Read More 

Types Of Mortgage Lenders To Consider

As you begin your search for the perfect mortgage lender, it is important to think about the many opportunities you have to secure funding for your home. As you look for a new home, it is important that you consider the types of lenders who can fund your dream. These are the types of mortgage lenders you should consider during your search. Direct Lenders One of the most common options people consider for a mortgage is a direct lender, like a bank or credit union. Read More 

Things to Know if You Want a Signature Loan

Are you looking for a way to borrow some money, and are you considering a signature loan? Signature loans offer a way to borrow some cash when you need it for almost any reason, but you might want to know a few things about them before applying for one. Here are some facts about signature loans that you should know before you start looking for one to get. They Do Not Require Collateral Read More